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About our Bariatric Patient Care
About our Bariatric Patient Care
Streamlined approach to bariatric patient care Bariatric Centers of America
A streamlined approach to bariatric patient care.

Bariatric Centers of America is a network of weight loss programs on a mission to make quality patient care more accessible and easy to navigate. We partner with weight loss clinics across the country to provide seamless and accessible care to all bariatric patients. Our programs and our doctors are committed to curing the disease of obesity through human-centered care, modern-day surgery techniques, smart technology, and continuous patient education.

Our Story

Bariatric Centers of America was born in 2019 when weight loss surgeon, Dr. Mike Blaney, began to recognize the gaps in bariatric patient care across different programs and across the country. He realized that many weight loss clinics lacked patient education and a streamlined approach to your patient journey.

We saw the need for improved patient access to bariatric centers and a well-managed approach to the weight loss surgery journey that delights and engages patients along the way. In 2020, we set out to build H.E.R.O Programs across the southeast.

The weight loss surgeons we partner with share a common practice and desire to treat the bariatric patient. We pride ourselves in only working with surgeons who are experienced and well-recognized within their community.

To create healthier communities by providing weight loss clinics and bariatric programs with the resources they need to stop the cycle of obesity.

We believe all patients, regardless of where they live or the resources they have, deserve access to quality bariatric patient care.

Create Healthier Communities for Bariatric Patients Bariatric Centers of America
Accessible Bariatric Patient Care Bariatric Centers of America
Accessible bariatric patient care.

At Bariatric Centers of America, we make finding and connecting with a weight loss program easier. We partner with weight loss clinics across America to provide seamless and accessible care to all bariatric patients.

Standard of Care

We believe in the power of education and shared decision making to help patients lose weight and regain their health. Our surgeons and their care team are dedicated to guiding you to success throughout your weight loss journey.

Our Approach to Bariatric Patient Care

  • Education is Fundamental
  • Whole-Body Approach
  • Compassionate State of the Art Care
Education is Fundamental
We emphasize the importance of education as the foundation for a healthier community.
Whole-Body Approach
We aim to cure the disease of obesity from all angles—medical, nutritional, physical, and psychological.
Compassionate State of the Art Care
We are committed to providing comprehensive, compassionate, and state-of-the-art care through our network of bariatric clinics.
Best in Class Bariatric Surgeons

We only partner with board-certified bariatric surgeons who are skilled in performing all weight loss surgery procedures. This allows us to practice bariatric medicine the way it should be practiced—with a commitment to patient education, modern-day surgery techniques, and smart technology.

Board Certified Bariatric Surgeons
Fellowship Trained Bariatric Surgeons
Bariatric Center of Excellence
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