Bariatric Program Management

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Bariatric Surgeon Training and Program Management
Individualized and ongoing support.

Initial training, ongoing assessments, and human touchpoints that drive employee engagement and program growth. We don’t compete with management, we complement them.

Bariatric Surgeon Training for New Programs Bariatric Centers of America
Training without the trouble.
Start or grow a bariatric program without the headache of physician recruitment and staff training. We utilize the standards set forth by ASMBS to operationalize a bariatric program and prepare them for Center of Excellence accreditation.
Surgeon Proctoring
Bariatric Surgeon Proctoring
Surgeon Proctoring
Traditional physician recruitment efforts are outdated. We will help you save time and money by training a willing general surgeon on staff and already a member of the community.
Allied Health Training
Bariatric Program Allied Health
Allied Health Training
We provide specific bariatric program materials and coaching for your registered dietitian and clinical psychologist to allow for the best bariatric patient care.
Administrative Coaching
Bariatric Administrative Coaching
Administrative Coaching
Generating patient leads is good, but only if you can convert them into patients. We will train your bariatric back-office staff, so they are the most efficient in increasing surgical volume for your bariatric program.
Bariatric Back Office Oversight
how to start a bariatric program
Bariatric Back Office Oversight
For our enterprise customers, we will coach your staff on bariatric program management of the bariatric processes and funnel. We have the tools to hold your team accountable for as long as needed.
Our Bariatric playbook details how to get your program off the ground and processes in place without all the wasted time in recruitment and lost opportunity cost.
The number one reason it is a challenge to recruit a bariatric surgeon to a startup program is the lack of an existing program and proven case volume.
Bariatric Program Management Bariatric Centers of America
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