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In the field of bariatrics, we talk a lot about “diets.” You have the pre-op liquid diet, the post-op soft foods diet, and your 6+ months, healthy “diet.” Yet, the concept of dieting can be dangerous if taken out of context. After bariatric surgery, our goal is to teach patients how to stop dieting and […]

Patients who have weight loss surgery are at a greater risk of developing vitamin deficiencies after bariatric surgery. Bariatric surgery alters the anatomy and digestive tract, significantly affecting vitamin and nutrient levels postoperatively. If left untreated, these nutritional deficiencies can have long-term effects.  A nutritional deficiency is most commonly a result of malnutrition caused by […]

When you have weight loss surgery, there is sometimes this notion that you will no longer be hungry after bariatric surgery. It is normal not to have as large of an appetite after bariatric surgery. But experiencing constant hunger may signal something else is going on.  A significant portion of your stomach is removed when […]

After bariatric surgery, we recommend patients include two to three small snacks in their meal plan throughout the day. Snacking can help keep your blood sugar stable, give you an added energy boost, and curb hunger between meals. However, there are a few snacking mistakes to avoid after bariatric surgery and promote weight loss.  This […]

The DASH diet is a dietary approach to managing high blood pressure. DASH stands for “dietary approaches to stopping hypertension,” precisely as it sounds. The DASH diet is prescribed to patients with high blood pressure; however, it is a generally healthy plan for anyone to follow.  Understanding Hypertension Hypertension is the medical term for abnormally […]

Bariatric vitamins are necessary for all post-op patients to prevent vitamin deficiencies. All bariatric procedures cause a restrictive effect, meaning your stomach pouch size is smaller, so you can not intake as much food to keep your vitamin levels up. Similarly, the gastric bypass and the duodenal switch produce a malabsorptive effect making it harder […]

As the most prominent communication and information-sharing platform, social media greatly influences the diet culture, sometimes sharing unrealistic weight loss expectations. Social media diet culture and trends are constantly moving and changing, with users sharing “newer” and “better” diets to follow. Although not all are necessarily bad, basing your weight and food intake on someone […]

The most successful post-bariatric patients follow the guidelines of their bariatric care team when it comes to knowing what foods to avoid after weight loss surgery. The number one reason for a weight-loss stall or weight regain is poor eating habits.  There are many “rules” surrounding the post-bariatric diet, and it can quickly become overwhelming. […]

Weight loss after bariatric surgery is centered around eating a healthy diet, yet many patients wonder if they should be tracking calories or macros to optimize their journey. Nutrition after bariatric surgery is a key component to achieving long-term weight loss success. With all kinds of diet fads emerging, one of the most fundamental concepts […]

Eating after bariatric surgery has many different components, so truthfully, there is no perfect plan for everyone to lose weight. There are many diets and programs for weight loss, and of course, our bodies will respond differently to each. However, one main component for weight loss can apply universally for anyone trying to lose weight: […]

Understanding how much to eat after bariatric surgery depends on many factors. However, one piece of advice given to anyone who goes through weight loss surgery is to eat protein. Protein is a huge part of your diet after weight loss surgery, and knowing how much to eat after bariatric surgery is a significant factor in […]

Bariatric surgery affects a woman’s menstrual cycle by helping them lose a significant amount of weight and better regulate their hormones and bodily functions. Studies have found that bariatric surgery is the most effective method of treating irregular periods in obese women resulting in a 35% decrease in irregular menstrual cycles.   Bariatric Surgery Affects a Woman’s Menstrual […]

Following a vegan diet may improve your overall health and long-term quality of life, which can become quite attractive when considering incorporating this new form of eating into your lifestyle. Yet before you jump into eating a plant-based diet, there are a few things to consider.  Here are ten things you can expect when switching […]

Veganism and following a vegan diet has become trendy, whether for health reasons, environmental concerns, or ethical motivations. Whatever the reason, it is entirely safe and healthy to follow a vegan diet after bariatric surgery. You may have to be a little more creative and careful with the foods that you pick. On a vegan diet, […]

The vegan diet has become a popular form of eating in more recent years. With celebrities and influencers touting the health benefits of a vegan diet, you may be curious about what it means to be vegan and why everyone follows this trend.  A vegan diet, otherwise known as a plant-based diet, is a way […]