8 Tips to Manage Cravings after Bariatric Surgery
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How to Manage Cravings after Bariatric Surgery

Food cravings after bariatric surgery are normal, but they can be pretty frustrating when trying to adhere to a healthy diet. The good news is that cravings are almost always a result of some chemical imbalance. By understanding this imbalance, you can better manage cravings after bariatric surgery.  Understanding the Science Behind Cravings Research has concluded […]

Studies have confirmed that food addictions are real and can lead to obesity due to uncontrolled eating. The science of food addictions is easily explained as a loss of control when it comes to eating and is considered a psychologically-based eating disorder. Detailed studies of genetics, brain imaging, and other chemical malfunctions have proven that the […]

Emotional eating after bariatric surgery is a common problem, especially in individuals who struggle with food addiction. Many research studies have found the link between emotions and binging on unhealthy, fatty foods.  One study reported that 27% of adults stress eat, and 34% of those individuals have created a habit out of this behavior. And after […]

Halloween is a season of candy and sugared goodies. And as a patient, this can be quite frightful if you are unable to overcome those sugar cravings after bariatric surgery. It can be hard to resist the temptation to open the bag of mini chocolate bars you planned on giving out to trick-or-treaters. And it […]

We all experience food cravings—and it seems as though the times we are trying to eat healthy and lose weight, the cravings intensify. Can anyone relate? Managing cravings after weight loss surgery can be challenging. Cravings are a natural feeling that can tell you about your psychology or physiology and it is okay to give into […]

In the world of medical doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and other medical and mental health professionals, there’s a debate, of course, about the concept of “food addiction.” Without question, scientific research shows addictive behavior regarding sugar consumption in animals. But what about humans? Brain scans of humans specifically show similar patterns for people “under the influence” […]

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